Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Greater Vancouver Zoo

We chose to go to the zoo as soon as the weather allowed us to go for a day trip. It was raining in the morning, but then the rain stopped.

This lizard behaved in a funny way. It was so interested in me! I am afraid it would try and taste me if there was no glass.

The peacocks were just walking around. I spotted one of them by the cafe. I think we all guess what he hoped for (a bowl of poutine, of course!)

But the way, they have lots of fake animals there in case the real ones are sleeping in a far corner and you cannot see them!

Here is another beauty!

Lovely ducks (I think they are ducks of some kind):

Some of us are lucky enough and do not need to walk all the way. Catching a ride seems to be a good idea!

We went to the zoo on the next day after the Chinese New Year. This is probably why they had those nice lanterns up:

Another lovely duck:

One of my favourite animals:

I know, there are no animals in this picture :) I just love the roots on this tree:

Friendly passengers:

Hello from my wife and son!

Another awesome fake animal (we have seen the real thing too, but it is not easy to take a good picture as the animals are either too far or there is a fence on the camera's way):

The giraffe went to have lunch, so I took a picture of the fake one again:

This croc is probably real:

Don't worry, it won't bite me, it just wants a banana! :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2015